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(EXTRA)Ordinary: 365 Ordinary Moments with an Anything-But-Ordinary God


(EXTRA)Ordinary: 365 Ordinary Moments with an Anything-But-Ordinary God is a year-long devotional journal your students will actually want to read. Divided into three sections, students can go in any order based on their unique life circumstances. But, each day they will come face-to-face with God in these biblically-centered devotions.

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Finally, a 365-day devotion journal your students will want to read.

Your students know that having a daily time in the Word of God is important. But, most daily devotions are too intimidating – miss a day or two, and suddenly they are way behind. Do they start where they left off, or start with today? With the chaotic lives today's teenagers live, their devotions should not add more stress to their daily schedules.

(EXTRA)Ordinary: 365 Ordinary Moments with an Anything-But-Ordinary God solves this issue by grouping the 365 devotions into three sections: Ordinary Times, Crazy Times, and Holiday Times. Students can choose where to pick up each day based on how they feel.

Though the structure is relaxed, each day's content is Biblically-centered and relevant to what teenagers today face. Your teenagers will be face-to-face with God on a daily basis, in a way that makes it easy to come back again the next day.

(EXTRA)Ordinary is divided into three sections:

  • Ordinary Times: Over 100 image-driven devotions perfect for everyday life
  • Crazy Times: 10-day, issue-specific devotions for when life gets crazy
  • Holiday Times: Special devotions for Lent/Easter, Advent/Christmas, and even their birthday


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Look Inside

Download a sample of (EXTRA)Ordinary: 365 Ordinary Moments with an Anything-But-Ordinary God.

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