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Free Christmas Lesson | Small Things: A Christmas Story


This Christmas, you can encourage your students by teaching them that they matter to God. Many students struggle with the idea that they are ‘not good enough’ for God to love them. In this lesson by YM360, you will explore passages that display God’s love for the humble, broken, and lowly. Download this lesson, and give your students a chance to see that the even the small things are a big deal to God!

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  • About This Free Resource
  • Have you ever felt small, and unnoticed? Chances are that most of us have! In a big, beautiful world, it is tempting to feel like you are not worthy of God’s time. After all, He is the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! Why would he occupy Himself with the small things?

    In “Small Things: A Christmas Story” you will examine the humble arrival of Jesus on Earth. Although God is capable of very big things, it is the small things, the lowly things, that have His heart. As you work through the verses and questions in this lesson, you will find out that God does see you, even when you feel unseen.