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Truly Free Student Book


The Truly Free Student Book is an essential component of a Truly Free event. These books contain the creative, interactive small group Bible study activities, space for notes during large group sessions, and devotions designed to use during and after your Truly Free event.

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Life is full of ups and downs. Good days and bad days. Fun times and not so fun times. It’s part of what it means to be a human being. Like all people, our students love the moments when things are going their way. But what about when things don’t go their way? What about the times when they feel overwhelmed by the pressures of the world around them? What about the times when they are exhausted and overwhelmed by stress? What about those moments when they just can’t seem to overcome the sin that drags them down? 

For many students, the stress, pressure, and brokenness of their lives is at times, too much to bear. But the excellent news is that there is tremendous hope in the Gospel. 

When students feel trapped by their sin, the Gospel says, "You're a slave no longer." When students feel like they don't match up, the Gospel says, "You have immense value to God." When students feel overwhelmed by the stress of their lives, the Gospel says, "There is rest in Jesus." And when students don't feel like their lives matter, the Gospel says, "Your life is meant for more than this." In a word, the Gospel sets students free. Truly free. 

Teach TRULY FREE to your students and empower them to discover their freedom in Christ.

Truly Free Student Book

The Truly Free Student Book is a hand-in-hand necessary component of your Truly Free event. Designed as an interactive tool, it is a companion for each of the small group lessons. It contains space for large group session notes. And, it contains personal devotions to use during and after your Truly Free event. 

Help your students focus on their freedom in Christ with the Truly Free Student Book.


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Look Inside

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