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Youth Worker Sound Off: Increasing Students' Ownership Of Your Ministry

Youth Worker Sound Off is a way we get intentional about hosting discussion here on the ym360 Blog. It's your chance to share your thoughts with other youth workers. The goal is that we all benefit from each other's experience and passion. 

So, read the short section below and share your thoughts in the "Join The Conversation" section below.

Last week, one of the youth ministers in the ym360 Community, Beau, asked a question on Twitter:







What a great question, right? We took a stab at answering Beau in the following reply:

This started a little Twitter conversation with Beau. He said he's basically dealing with what so many of us who work with youth deal with on some level or another. He's just trying to find out what has worked for other folks to increase the involvmenet of those fringe students, the teenagers who are a part of your youth ministry but aren't really committed to it.

We realized it was a great topic to pitch to you on a Youth Worker Sound Off. 

Now it's your turn! Take a moment and think about Beau's question: 

What are some ways that you've led students to take more ownership of your youth ministry?

Share your thoughts in the "Join The Conversation" section below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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