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Gift Your Graduates 🎓 Grad Packs are Now Available!
Youth Worker BOOST: The Source Of Our Strength

Youth Worker BOOST: The Source Of Our Strength

ym360 knows youth workers. We know what an incredibly rewarding, yet incredibly challenging job youth ministry can be. There are days when your spirits are sky-high, and there are days when you could use a bit of a “pick me up” from God's Word . . . That's why we're happy to offer Youth Worker Boost, one of the many valuable resources on the ym360 Blog.

Boost is a short, weekly piece of encouragement designed to, well, “boost” your spirits and encourage you as you minister to students. We consider it yet another great opportunity to serve you and your ministry.

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"He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers."--Psalm 1:3

Years ago we had a severe drought in our part of the country. After a long summer with little rain the grass turned brown. The plants and trees started dying. The lack of moisture robbed the trees of what they needed to thrive. First the leaves fell off, then branches decayed. Eventually trees just started falling over, hollow shells with rotted cores.

Can you relate at all to these trees? Most of us can, or have at least experienced times where felt spiritually dry and hollow.

The psalmist lived in a very arid climate. He had probably seen trees struggling to grow in the rocky, dry soil. And he had apparently seen trees growing lush along the river banks. The trees on the riverbanks thrived because the water provided a constant source of nourishment. The psalmist understood the correlation between the river trees and a person's spiritual life.

Maybe we could use a reminder of this correlation, as well! The person who plants his or her life in God will find a constant source of spiritual nourishment. However, the solitary tree striving to grow on its on in the dry, arid wilderness is destined to struggle. Death is a possibility. But even if the tree can somehow survive, its growth potential will never be reached. But the tree by the river? The sky's the limit!

Stay near to God and your spiritual life will flourish. With God as your nutrient source, you'll grow in ways you never could on your own.

Our prayer for you: Your life is busy! But our prayer is that this will be a reminder to make time today to draw close to God, feeding yourself on His Word and His presence.



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