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Youth Ministry's Covid-19 BUDGET RELIEF Program

Youth Ministry's Covid-19 BUDGET RELIEF Program

Your call to the mission of youth ministry has not stopped just because the world around us is in chaos. In fact, it has become even more prevalent than ever. Don't be a youth worker whose response to the Coronavirus is limited because of money.

Here's How it Works in 3 Steps:

      1.  Give us a call 888.969.6360

      2.  We work out a custom plan for your ministry to get you the resources at the best price possible

      3.  Get your Jesus-centered, life-changing resources either shipped or digitally delivered to you FAST

YM360 stands ready to crush whatever hassles stand between your students and the life-changing resources they need right now. We've designed Youth Ministry's COVID-19 Budget Relief Program by YM360 for you when you're ready to get the youth ministry resources you need for getting back to your Bible study, discipleship, leadership development efforts.

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