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Why Christmas Is Perfect For Sharing The Gospel With Your Students

Why Christmas Is Perfect For Sharing The Gospel With Your Students

"He's the reason for the season." Ever heard that phrase? Yeah, you have. As youth workers we know what the Christmas season is all about: The Gospel, the Good News, birth of the Messiah, God with us, Immanuel, baby Jesus born in a manger! Now ask yourself this question: Does every student who attends your youth ministry know that? "We'll yeah, Aaron...I mean, most of 'em do. Well, yeah, they know."Here's the deal: If there's even a chance that some of the teenagers who visit your youth group might not know Jesus as Savior or understand that He is the true reason for Christmas, this season is the absolute perfect time to make sure that is remedied!

That's right: I'm talking about evangelism during the Christmas season.


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Why not during Christmas? Your students and their families are surrounded by seasonal discussion starters and visual depictions of the story of the Nativity. Christmas could be the perfect catalyst to use your youth group time as a special opportunity to share the Gospel and allow for students to respond. Feeling uncertain about how to evangelize to your unsaved students? Here's the 4 things you need:

1. Present the Christmas story.

I recommend using the first two chapters of Luke as your scriptural basis. Prepare and present a message that could give a teen the understanding as to why the Christmas story is so important. It's a rescue mission that starts off with our God becoming a baby only so he could live a perfect life as a sinless man in our world. Royal kings and lowly shepherds alike were witness to the evidence of his arrival on Earth. The entire history of the scriptures preceding this moment displays how God interjected Himself into our sinful world again and again. And, at the birth of Christ, He does it again in an "oh-so-amazing way": He puts flesh on and makes himself at home in our world!

2. Give an intentional opportunity for any teen to respond to the Gospel message.

Intentionally communicate that a decision needs to be made. God wants everyone to be a member of His family but He forces no one to love Him. Communicate that each and every person needs to make a choice and the best time to make that choice is now.

3. Have plenty of adults ready to receive students needing to respond to the message.

BE PREPARED. You certainly want every teen that may approach you for a decision or simply to ask questions to have a caring adult to speak with immediately. Be sure your adult volunteers are prepared. Let the students talk if they approach you. Avoid asking "yes or no" style questions. Have them explain to you what they want to talk about.

4. Follow up and disciple intentionally.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT! Praise God that decisions can be made and students do receive Christ as their Savior! However, your job has only begun. You have just introduced a teen to Christianity and they need a mentor to disciple them for the long term. In the short term you must at the very least contact their parents to inform them of what has taken place. And the job ahead of you is even bigger if these parents do not attend a church or do not profess to be Christians at all. Follow up the next day with a phone call. Follow up the following weeks with emails and personal visits. Let the student and his or her parents know you're serious about their new-found faith, and that you are prepared to walk through it with them.

Remember one thing . . .You don't have the power to save anyone's soul. God is the only one who beckons us and saves us. Don't be discouraged if you don't have any students respond to the Gospel this Christmas season. Simply, be faithful and be prepared. Merry Christmas!

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