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The Top 4 Youth Ministry Games From Life In Student Ministry

The Top 4 Youth Ministry Games From Life In Student Ministry

One of the four areas we focus on at ym360 is Networking. For us, Networking means shining a spotlight on people and/or organizations doing cool stuff we think you should know about.

Life In Student Ministry is a great website run by Tim Schmoyer. For years now, it's been an awesome source for solid youth ministry content. 

Tim recently did a giveaway on the site where he asked youth workers to submit their favorite youth ministry games. These games look awesome! So, while the contest may very well be over by the time you read this, we wanted to pass this along so you could hopefully get a few ideas for some fun new youth ministry games.

Below you'll see a snippet of the post with a link to the full article if you want to head on over to Life In Student Ministry and check out the rest.


Excerpt from, "Your Top 4 Favorite Youth Group Games"
by Tim Schmoyer

Here are your top four favorite youth group games! Has your group played any of these? What games does your youth group enjoy playing the most? Comment below and let us all know!

1. Cell phone pic scategory!

Submitted by Julio Nieves – Leaders pose and create pics, display them on a slide show, and groups have to replicate it. Extra points for creativity. Text photos in to leader so you can create a sideshow of what they sent in. Show after lesson for laughs!

Cell phone pic scategory youth group game

To read the rest of "Your Top 4 Favorite Youth Group Games" on Life In Student Ministry, CLICK HERE.




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