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The Songs of 2018

As we close out 2018 and prepare to sing in the New Year of 2019, we take a look back at the musical worship songs that were popular at many of our summer camps, and spring and fall retreats.

One of the many things we love about the summer season around YM360 is our corporate times of musical worship and the introduction to new songs and continuing to sing some favorites are always a highlight each night. The GENERATE Camp by YM360 summer of 2018 did not disappoint. These proclamations continue to reverberate in our minds and hearts. Based on the set lists of the various worship leaders that we partnered with, we wanted to share some of what we would consider the most played songs of the year. Some may have also become favorites for you and a part of your weekly services or events, or you may want to check them out and include them in your future gatherings.

First released by Hillsong Young & Free out of Australia in 2013, this song and its energy continue to show up on the various setlists.
Scripture: Romans 6:22, Galatians 2:20

This favorite Hillsong tune had made the rounds around many churches and events since its release all the way back in 2012. While it is not on everyone’s playlist, it still appears on many of them — a beautiful reminder of the firm foundation we have in Christ regardless of the storms of this world.
Scripture: Psalm 118:21-23, Isaiah 28:16, Matthew 21:41-43

Death Was Arrested
Northpoint Church in Alpharetta, GA has long been a trendsetter in church culture. InsideOut is the worship band from the church and began releasing music in 2012. Their Nothing Ordinary album gave worshipers Death Was Arrested (written by former FEE members Ryan Heath Balltzglier and Brandon Coker along with Adam Kersh and Paul Taylor Smith.) It has been covered by many artists and began showing up on playlists the last few summers and continues to be popular.
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:54-55, Philippians 3:7-11, 2 Thessalonians 1:12

Do It Again
A solid song reminding us of the consistency of our God from the team at Elevation Worship out of North Carolina. Released in 2017 on the There Is A Cloud album. We have a God that did not just move in the past but is continuing to move and work in the present.
Scripture: Psalm 9:9-10, Deuteronomy 31:6

Released in 2016 by Jesus Culture out of California was nominated for the GMA Dove Award for Worship Song of the Year. Those who sing this powerful and very engaging song were all in on it this summer. It would often appear a few times throughout a week on set lists. How can we be lost when He calls us found?
Scripture: James 4:8, Hebrews 12:28-29

Glorious Day
Kristian Stanfill and Sean Curran of Passion in Atlanta, GA teamed with songwriter extraordinaire Jason Engram to bring us this tune with a popular title that first came out of Passion 2017. In a world full of darkness, this dynamic tune reminds us that we have been called by name to run out of the darkness and into God’s glorious day.
Scripture: Ephesians 2:1-10, John 11:38-44

Good Good Father
Pat Barret (previously with Unhindered) shared this tune a few years ago with me when he first wrote it and was beginning to sing it with the Housefires team. It made the rounds a bit but rose to national exposure when he teamed up with Chris Tomlin, and Tomlin released it on his Never Lose Sight album in 2016. It continues to be sung often and is a simple reminder of the loving father that we have in God.
Scripture: Matthew 7:7-12, 1 John 3:1

Great Are You Lord
All Sons & Daughters recently stopped making music together, but they (along with Jason Engram again) gave us this solid song in 2013 that showed up plenty of times this summer. We all pour out our praise daily to something, and this reminds us to focus that “To you only.”
Scripture: Psalm 36:6, Psalm 150:1, John 15:5

Holy Spirit
“Let us become more aware of Your presence” as the song says, first showed up in 2012 sung by Kim-Walker Smith and the Jesus Culture crew (sung live at Passion 2013) and later in 2014 by Francesca Battistelli getting more radio play. It has continued to remain a favorite of many.
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:17, Psalm 96:8-13

King of My Heart
A relatively simple song written by John Mark and Sarah McMillian and released in 2017 by Bethel Music. Everyone loves to be told how people feel about them and this tune helps us proclaim that our King is good.
Scripture: Psalm 136:1, Psalm 100:5

Lion and the Lamb
Leeland Mooring had a minister father pour into him for years and the depth of his writing combing with the team at Bethel Music was obvious in this popular song that was found on most leaders playlist. Who can stop the Lord Almighty? An answer you should know and a reality that would be good to remind ourselves of daily.
Scripture: Isaiah 14:27, Philippians 2:10

Resurrected King
"Your name, your name is Victory. All praise will rise, to Christ the King... First released two years ago from Elevation Worship on their Here as in Heaven album, Resurrected King is a bit of a longer song but a solid reminder of the power of the name of our Savior. The resurrected King resurrecting you is a very present-tense reality, not a future promise. The life intended for all believers is ready to be lived in real-time.
Scripture: Romans 6:5, John 19:12, Hebrews 2:9, John 13:1-17, Romans 14:11, 1 Peter 2:24, Psalm 93:1, 1 John 4:18, 1 Corinthians 15:57

Real Love
Hillsong Worship (Hillsong Live until 2014) first started sharing their music out of their church there in Sidney in 1983. Then Hillsong United came together in 1998 out of the church's youth ministry and later Hillsong Young & Free in 2012. The energy of Real Love showed up on their sophomore album Youth Revival in 2016. It has made its way around worship set list ever since.
Scripture: Philippians 3:8-9

No Longer Slaves
I am a Child of God is proclaimed repeatedly in this Bethel Music song first released in 2015. A vibrant reminder for all who listen and announce it through this song. It won the GMA Dove Award for the Worship Song of the Year in 2016.
Scripture: Psalm 18:2; 2 Samuel 22:18; Psalm 139:1-24; Romans 8:14-17; Galatians 4:7; John 3:3-7; Zephaniah 3:17

Praise the Name
The Way (New Horizon)
Pat Barrett on his first solo album teamed up with his old bandmate from Unhindered, Ben Smith and brings us this sweet song right out of John 14:6. The Way has just begun to appear on setlists, but it is a solid song to include in your rotation.
Scripture: John 14:6, Psalm 91:2, Psalm 18:2

Reckless Love
This Cory Asbury (another leader out of the Bethel crowd) song has created some controversy for many leaders who choose not to play it based off the thought that anything about God could be “reckless” based off the widely accepted definition of that word. But it appeared on many this summer after becoming Billboards No. 1 single on their Hot Christian Songs chart in March of 2018.
Scripture: Luke 15

This is Amazing Grace
The old hymn Amazing Grace first published in 1779 written by Englishman John Newton. Phil Wickham gave us this Amazing Grace tune in 2013 on his, The Ascension album (also fantastic songwriter Jeremy Riddle contributed to the writing.) It was No. 1 on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Song for 2014. It is amazing grace that Jesus took our place on the cross, laying down His life and setting us free. And this song is an excellent reminder from Phil of what has been done for you and me.
Scripture: Acts 26:18, Revelation 5:12

Released in 2016 by Mosaic on their Glory & Wonder album. Mosaic is a multi-site church in the Los Angeles, CA area. Tremble is a strong reminder that the name of Jesus cannot be overcome.
Scripture: Philippians 2:9-10

Unstoppable God
Now out for four years, but this Elevation Worship song continues to have life each summer on a handful of worship leaders playlists.
Scripture: John 1:14, Hebrews 1:3, 1 Chronicles 16:12

What a Beautiful Name
The team at Hillsong brought us this awesome song in 2016 that has super solid choruses and a bridge that is full of power as we remember that death could not defeat our God. It was sung often this summer and became a favorite of participants of all ages.
Scripture: Philippians 2:9-11

Worthy of Your Name
Sean Curran (formerly of Bellarive, now with the Passion Band) has always had an amazing and unique voice. The mystery and majesty of this tune (also written with Brett Younker and Brenton Brown) is a goose-bumps-on-the-arms favorite. Often our staff got excited when we saw it on the set list and knew it was coming that night.
Scripture: Philippians 2:5-11, Psalm 145:3, Hebrews 1:3

While many of these are more nationally known and showing up on many playlists throughout the country, I would also encourage you to check out a few of these that were led by many of our friends in 2018. Lots of solid music to add to your playlist before we see what 2019 has to offer.

The Museum – Solid Ground, The Grace of Jesus, Jesus No Other Name, Saved My Soul, The Love of a Father
More Than This – Pursuit, Won’t Ever Be the Same
Bethany Barr Phillips – We Will Not Fear, Jesus Be Greater
ISAAC - Even Louder, Victorious
Rush of Fools - Lay Me Down, Held in Your Hands, Nailed to The Cross
Chuck Hooten (Shoreline Worship out of Knoxville as well) – In My Bones, Bless The Lord, We’re Redeemed
Jared Wood - No Hold on Me, All of Me
Ten Thousand Fathers – Invitation Song

Have a great New Year!!

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