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The Role of Producer at YM360

The Role of Producer at YM360

Terrance Jackson is all things creative at YM360 and GENERATE Camp by YM360. He serves as our Producer and has a number of different responsibilities in our home office. Terrance started by working on summer staff with GENERATE and eventually moved into our home office in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Terrance does a lot, but the easiest way to sum up his role is that he helps execute the creative vision for both GENERATE and YM360. Terrance is responsible for the creative elements happening at GENERATE, including programming, videos, and working with our partners. Essentially, his focus is developing and executing the plan to ensure the youth workers’ and students’ experience during worship and other camp meetings is a great one. 

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While on the road, each of our GENERATE teams travels with two 15 passenger vans, a “Baby Penske” (a 16 ft Penske truck), and 3 26-ft Penske trucks all full of equipment. As the Production Director, Terrance oversees the unloading of trucks and transforming the room from a normal auditorium to a place where people can worship, learn, and pray at camp.


What happens during the “off months” of camp?

A couple of responsibilities that Terrance has during the time leading up to camp is he writes and envisions videos that will be used at various services and meetings at GENERATE. Terrance works with our in-house production partners 6 Foot 5 to help write, shoot, and execute the videos we need. We also take time to read feedback from the year before. What worked, what didn’t? What needs to be changed? We try to “one-up” ourselves every year at camp, and this is one of the main ways that we can continue to make GENERATE a life-changing experience for students.

Also during the off months, our GENERATE staff will go through the hiring process to fill out our camp teams with awesome staffers. Although Terrance helps with the hiring of all staff members, one part of the hiring process that Terrance has a big hand in is auditioning, interviewing, and eventually hiring actors. Afterward, Terrance will work with those actors to use their talents and strengths to write content that will allow the students at camp to get the best experience possible.


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A big focus that we have at GENERATE is to allow everyone the chance to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord through whatever work they do at camp. Whether that’s students, youth workers, or even staff members, our ultimate goal is to make God known. Terrance gets to play a special part in this because he gets to pour into the students and youth pastors, but also into the actors and the staff who are in-turn investing in youth pastors and students. This is something Terrance is passionate about, and something that he excels in.

As you can see, the life of a YM360 Producer requires someone who can wear a lot of hats. Terrance Jackson is that guy! 

 Learn more about what Terrance does and get a behind-the-scenes look at GENERATE by watching this video

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