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The One Who Overcomes Is On Your Side

The One Who Overcomes Is On Your Side

 "I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world."--John 16:33

In His final message to His disciples, Jesus tells them that the time of His departure is near and that they will have to suffer for their faith. Jesus closes by reminding them that they will have many trials and sorrows in life. But He encourages them not to worry because through His impending death and resurrection, Jesus would defeat the power of sin, death, loss . . . In short, He would "overcome the world."

We'd love to have a life with no problems. (And we wouldn't mind a ministry with no problems, either.)

But the words of this passage remind us that Jesus knew life on this earth would be tough. And living the life of a Christ-follower is even tougher.

Our trials and struggles aren't a surprise to God. And when we're hit with these struggles, we should remember Jesus' words and not be caught off guard. We should expect tough times. It's part of living in this world.

But before we're tempted to be all "gloom and doom," let's remember that we are the children of a God who understands exactly what trials and suffering feel like. Why? Because God became flesh. The Creator took on the form of the created in order that He might overcome the predicament we brought upon ourselves.

As problems come up in life and in ministry, don't let it get you down. Remember, you have the Overcomer on your side.

My hope is that you and your students would feel the peace and power of the great Overcomer, and that in turn, His presence would provide the strength to overcome the trials of the world.


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