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The New School Year Is Here. Are You Ready?

The New School Year Is Here. Are You Ready?

For some of you it’s a few weeks off. For many of you it’s already started. But no matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, if you’re not ready for the new school year, you need to be

And so the question is, “Are you ready”?

Is your big-picture discipleship strategy ready? Do you know what you’re doing and why? We’d love to help if you have questions. We have a powerful book by one of the leading voices in youth ministry. Check it out here. It can help.

Are you ready to train and minister to the amazing group of volunteers who will help you lead teenagers closer to Christ this year? In many ways, your youth ministry is only as strong as your volunteers. Are you ready to lead them?

Is your Bible study plan ready? If not, we have some awesome Bible study curriculum to help you, including our newest (and maybe our best, yet) 52-week study, The Thread. Click here for more info.

Are you ready to partner with parents to help shape the faith of their teenagers? What is your plan? How are you going to encourage and equip them?

Are you ready for one-on-one, or small group discipleship? Are you ready to pour into the small groups of students ready to be taken deeper in their faith? We can help. We have proven discipleship resources that can help your teenagers grow closer to Christ. See some of them here.

Is your calendar ready? Have you carved out space for your events? And are you ready to communicate important dates to your team, students, and parents?

Are you ready to dive back in with your students? Summer isn’t exactly a break for most youth workers. But we all know that Fall is a different animal. The drama and busyness increase tenfold. Are you ready for the ramp up?

Finally, are you spiritually ready? Are your heart and mind prepared to pour yourself out as you work all areas of your ministry? We lead out of the overflow of what God is doing in us personally. You can’t draw water from a dry well. Do what you need to do to spiritually renew yourself in preparation for the Fall.

It’s time to be getting ready. Know that the ym360 Team prays regularly for you. We’d love to help if we can.

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