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All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy
All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy
Our Newest 52-week Bible study

Our Newest 52-week Bible study

I am extremely excited about our newest 52-week Bible study, The Life. What gets me so excited is how this study gives students a comprehensive look at what it means to follow Jesus. I love helping students define what it looks like to live as a Christ-follower.

See, I believe that many times students come to faith in Christ but don’t have a clear understanding of the path their lives will take as a result. The Life really helps address this in a way that I think students, and leaders will be able to latch-on to.

One of my favorite things about The Life is the way the scope and sequence turned out. The unit-based approach we took really paints the picture of discipleship in a powerful way. The Life takes your students on a journey where they will discover: 

  • That the call on all Believers is to follow Jesus in discipleship. (Part 1: 12-week Introduction To Discipleship)

  • That disciples look and live a certain way (Part 2: The Picture of a Disciple)

  • That disciples surrender to a Gospel-centered life (Part 2, Unit 1, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples hunger to know God (Part 2, Unit 2, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples embrace Christian community (Part 2, Unit 3, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples engage with his or her surroundings (Part 2, Unit 4, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples have a desire to worship God (Part 2, Unit 5, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples invest in multiplication (Part 2, Unit 6, 6 weeks)

  • That following Christ isn’t the easiest way, but it’s the best way (Part 3: The Cost Of Discipleship)

Now can you see why I am so pumped about this study!? What an in-depth look at what to truly means to follow after Jesus and live life as a disciple. CLICK HERE to learn more about The Life.
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