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The official youth ministry Christmas Gift Boxes for your students are here! Click here to shop for your boxes.
Christmas Gift Boxes for your students are here! Click here to shop for your boxes.
Our Newest 52-week Bible study

Our Newest 52-week Bible study

I am extremely excited about our newest 52-week Bible study, The Life. What gets me so excited is how this study gives students a comprehensive look at what it means to follow Jesus. I love helping students define what it looks like to live as a Christ-follower.

See, I believe that many times students come to faith in Christ but don’t have a clear understanding of the path their lives will take as a result. The Life really helps address this in a way that I think students, and leaders will be able to latch-on to.

One of my favorite things about The Life is the way the scope and sequence turned out. The unit-based approach we took really paints the picture of discipleship in a powerful way. The Life takes your students on a journey where they will discover: 

  • That the call on all Believers is to follow Jesus in discipleship. (Part 1: 12-week Introduction To Discipleship)

  • That disciples look and live a certain way (Part 2: The Picture of a Disciple)

  • That disciples surrender to a Gospel-centered life (Part 2, Unit 1, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples hunger to know God (Part 2, Unit 2, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples embrace Christian community (Part 2, Unit 3, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples engage with his or her surroundings (Part 2, Unit 4, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples have a desire to worship God (Part 2, Unit 5, 6 weeks)

  • That disciples invest in multiplication (Part 2, Unit 6, 6 weeks)

  • That following Christ isn’t the easiest way, but it’s the best way (Part 3: The Cost Of Discipleship)

Now can you see why I am so pumped about this study!? What an in-depth look at what to truly means to follow after Jesus and live life as a disciple. CLICK HERE to learn more about The Life.
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