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NEW RELEASE! "From The Pen To The Palace" by Benjamin Kerns

NEW RELEASE! "From The Pen To The Palace" by Benjamin Kerns

What if the Prodigal Son had never returned home to his father?

What if the prodigal son hadn’t looked around him at the deplorable conditions of the pigpen and been compelled to return to his father’s household? What if he had, instead, remained separated from the security and love of his father’s world? What would his children and grandchildren know of the world their grandfather and great grandfather lived in?

They would know next to nothing. Their worldview would be the pen, not the palace.

In From the Pen to the Palace, Benjamin Kerns uses this thought-provoking twist on a beloved parable as the framework to understanding lost teenagers growing up in a post-Christian culture. Through a rich examination of the cultural landscape, this relevant and practical book will help youth workers reach lost students and know how to begin discipling them.

If you’re a youth worker with a desire to reach teenagers growing up in the post-Christian culture we find ourselves in, you’ll love From the Pen to the Palace.

Ben Kerns is not only a ym360 Contributor and collaborator, he's one of the most thought-provoking voices in youth ministry, blogging regularly at You and your team will be challenged by this book.
To sample Pen to Palace, and to see a video of Ben talking about why he wrote the book, simply CLICK HERE.
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