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New From ym360! "The 7 Best Practices For Teaching Teenagers The Bible"

New From ym360! "The 7 Best Practices For Teaching Teenagers The Bible"

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I'm super excited to introduce to you our newest resource, The 7 Best Practices For Teaching Teenagers The Bible. I'm excited for two reasons:

  1. This is the first in what will be a growing line of solid and affordable youth ministry books called Youth Ministry Essentials.
  2. This book reflects so much of our passion here at ym360! We’re dedicated to seeing teenagers know God and His ways more. And we believe the Bible is the best way to know God. We also believe youth workers are in an awesome place to help lead teenagers to encounter God! So, what better marriage of these passions than in an awesome book for youth workers on strategies to teach the Bible better!

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, or you've been teaching the Bible for years, I think you’re going to LOVE 7 Best Practices!

I've been designing and writing Bible Study curriculum for over a decade now. And I've taught the Bible weekly to teenagers (and adults) for longer than that. I'm pretty in love with what happens when teenagers truly engage with God through encountering Him in the Bible. When it happens, you can see it, both in the moment and in the life change that occurs weeks and months down the road.

This is what motivated me to write 7 Best Practices. I simply believe that the more proficient we are at helping the Bible come alive, the better our students will see God and His ways. So, I'd love for you to know more about this book, including being able to to download a free sample.

Get more info and order your copies here: 7 Best Practices Product Detail Page

And as always, if you have any questions, click to chat at the top of the page or give us a shout: 888.969.6360!

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