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"FOCUS: A 6-Lesson Study on the Book of Colossians"

"FOCUS: A 6-Lesson Study on the Book of Colossians"

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We are pumped to share about another awesome study in our CORE line of Bible Book studies. We're committed to equipping you to teach teenagers to know and apply God's Word. Our CORE studies are 6-lesson looks at key Books of Scripture. We're so excited to be adding Colossians to this mix!

It's the little Book that packs a serious punch! So, why did we choose it as our newest study? Glad you asked. "FOCUS: A 6-Lesson Study on the Book of Colossians" is an awesome Bible Study that calls students to live a Christ-centered life. You know as well as anyone that your students are distracted. In the fast-paced world we all live in, teenagers are pulled in so many directions. They are involved in so much. And they hear so many messages about who they are supposed to be, what they are supposed to follow, and what is supposed to be important. Where can they look for an anchor in all this chaos? Easy. The person of Christ.

FOCUS teaches Paul's message that Christ is supreme in all the universe, and He should be in our lives, as well. Your students will be challenged through these relevant, creative, and transformative lessons. It really is an awesome look at an amazing Book. We have loved working on this study, and we think you'll love teaching it!

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