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Need A Change? Jesus First, Innovation Second

Need A Change? Jesus First, Innovation Second

Here's a super short reminder for all of us to keep in mind as we grow in our discipleship and lead others to do the same . . .

Christ is greater than methodology, strategy, or philosophy.

We all want to be as effective as we can be in leading teenagers to grow closer to Christ. We want to make sure we aren't missing anything, or that we aren't spinning our wheels. We want to see the maximum impact of the commitment we make to our teenagers and our youth ministries.

And so we do what we know to do in any other area of our life. We begin to try and fix things. We look to improve our methodology. We turn to our philosophy and begin to re-evaluate. We seek out improved strategies. And these are all really good things to do. If we're not doing these things we should be. But the problem arises when our first move at improving is to turn to these things.

The first step in any new effort to see spiritual growth, or change, or renewal has to be to seek out the person of Christ.

This applies on an organizational level as well as a personal one. If we find some aspect of our lives or our ministries is lagging or is off-target, we need to ask, "Where is Jesus here? What place is He holding? A place of prominence? Or a secondary role? Is the Gospel primary?" The answers to these questions will help direct your searching.

Want to see change? Resist the urge to revise or reinvent as a first step. 

Instead, rediscover Christ and lead others to do the same. Then and only then, innovate in full view of Christ's place in your life and ministry.
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