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All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy
All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy
MORE Youth Group Christmas Games!

MORE Youth Group Christmas Games!

Christmas is a time to focus on the Christmas story. If you're looking for a way to do that, check out our free FREE Christmas Lessons by CLICKING HERE.

But Christmas is also a time for fun and fellowship. That's why we've provided free Christmas games just like this one!

Christmas Trivia PowerPoint Quiz


    • You'll need a stopwatch, a timer, or a watch with a second hand
    • You'll need a way to keep score
    • You'll want to have a projector or another means to display the PowerPoint slideshow
    • You'll need to download the Christmas Trivia Quiz PowerPoint file linked below, and the Christmas Quiz Answer Guide PDF
    • If you don't have the means to project the slideshow, you can still do the activity! Simply download the Christmas Quiz Answer Guide PDF and use it to read the questions to your students (or write them ahead of time on a flip-chart or poster board).


Divide your class into two teams, and flip a coin to see which team will go first. This team will be Team 1. Explain to the teams that they will be competing against one another to see who can answer the most Christmas trivia questions correctly. For each correct answer, teams get 5 points. For each incorrect answer, teams lose 5 points. The team with the most points in the end, wins.

Display or read aloud the first trivia question for Team 1. Allow the team 10 seconds to answer. If they answer correctly, award them 5 points. If they answer incorrectly, deduct 5 points. If they answer incorrectly, allow Team 2 a chance to answer. Award or deduct points accordingly. Then, display or read the second trivia question to Team 2. Alternate teams and questions as you work through all 10 trivia questions. Whichever team has the most points at the end of 10 questions wins. Consider having a prize for the winning team.



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Christmas Fill-in-the-Blanks


    • You'll need to make sure you have a marker that works

    • Download the "Fill In The Blank Guide" PDF linked below the activity

    • This activity is best done using a flip-chart, or the self-stick Wall Pads from Post-It. You can use a dry-erase board, but it could get a little time consuming erasing and re-writing each new set of fill-in-the-blanks.

    • Using the "Fill In The Blank Guide," write the category (movie, character, song, or decoration), and draw out the correct number of blanks. Be careful here!

    • Arrange to display each of the Fill-in-the-Blanks where your students can see them.


Divide your students into two teams. Explain that you will be trying to guess which movie title, movie character, song, or decoration is represented by the various "fill-in-the-blanks." Explain that each team will take turns guessing a letter of the alphabet. If the letter does indeed appear in one or ore of the blanks, write the letter in its appropriate spot(s). If the team guesses a letter that appears, they are allowed a chance to solve the fill-in-the-blank. If the letter they choose does not appear, it's the other team's turn. Continue in this way until a team guesses the fill-in-the-blank. Alternate teams for each puzzle until you've run out of time or solved all the fill-in-the-blanks. Award a winning team at the end, and consider giving the team a prize.


Christmas Name That Tune


    • You'll need a CD player, or mp3 player with speakers (volume is important)

    • You'll need a way to keep score

    • You'll need a Christmas playlist with a nice blend of familiar tunes and unfamiliar (you'll want to play the familiar ones in the first part of the game)


Divide your group into two teams. Explain to teams that they will be taking turns guessing Christmas songs from your playlist. Explain the rules of the game. For each song, each team will select a volunteer. You will play 2-3 seconds (your choice) of a Christmas song. The volunteer for the first team will then be asked if she can identify the song. If she can guess it correctly with no help, she gets 10 points for her team. If she can't answer it, she can ask her team for help, BUT a correct answer using the team's help will only be worth 5 points. HOWEVER, any incorrect answer (whether on her own or by her team) will result in a deduction of 5 points!

Once students know the rules, choose a team to go first. Have them select a volunteer. Play the song, and allow the volunteer to guess, or ask his team for help. Award points accordingly. Then, move to the next team and proceed the same way. Alternate teams and songs until you run out of time or music. Award a winning team at the end, and consider giving the team a prize.

We hope these youth group Christmas games provide some fun times for your youth group! Let us know how they turn out, and how you adapted them to work with your group/context.


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