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NCAA Basketball Fever has Swept Through the YM360 Office

NCAA Basketball Fever has Swept Through the YM360 Office


Basketball fever has swept through the YM360 offices as we approach the NCAA Tournament and you can join in on the action! Register for our tournament challenge and pick who you think will win it all this year. Selection Sunday is this Sunday, March 17th, so join our bracket challenge now! It's easy to sign up and you can win some fun prizes!

We know that YOU have the perfect bracket this year. Forget those 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 odds because you've got this. Use the steps below to register now!

1. Click here to go to ESPN's bracket website
2. Click "Create a Bracket Now" and either log in or create an account
3. Join the YM360 group: YM360 Friends & Family and use the password: YM360LOVESME (which we do)

We will also be live streaming our office Snake Draft and we'll give you a shoutout if you join in and tell us who you're rooting for! We'll also be talking about what prizes you will receive if you're bracket is the winning pick! We'll be streaming on our Facebook page at 10:45 am CST/11:45 am EST on Monday, March 18th. Make sure to join us and happy picking!

It's March, Which Means it's NCAA Tournament Time! Join the YM360 Bracket Challenge Today



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