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Linked Post: Moving Toward a Family Ministry Model

Linked Post: Moving Toward a Family Ministry Model

Michael Bayne is one of our favorite family/next gen ministry bloggers. He consistently has really fresh insights on family ministry. We thought this post from his blog ( entitled "Moving Toward A Family Ministry Model"  was pretty informative and worth a read. 

We've posted an excerpt below with a link to the original post on Michael's blog. Check out the excerpt then click the link to go read the rest.

There is a huge difference between launching a church with a family ministry model and transitioning a church toward that same model. Transitioning a church in a new direction can be filled with many many obstacles and many times those obstacles keep leaders from making the move. There are many leaders out there who want to move their ministries in a direction that partners more with families but they are just not sure where to start because it seems a little overwhelming. What we often forget is that partnering with families is not a program, or an event, but rather a strategy that weaves in and out of all we do as next generation leaders.

Having made the journey before I wanted to share a few moves to make when you are ready to reshape your ministry to be more effective when empowering mom and dad at home…

 CLICK HERE to head to Michael's blog and read the rest.

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