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Linked Post: Leadership: What To Do First

At ym360, everything we do falls into one of four categories: Bible Study Resources, Training, Community, or Networking. For us, networking means highlighting great content, great people, and great ministries. When we find something valuable, we share it. This happens most frequently on our Flashback Friday posts. But it happens in other ways, as well.

One of the ways we focus on Networking is by linking to solid content we encounter on blogs or websites.

Doug Franklin is the founder and leader of LeaderTreks. We're priviliged to call the awesome people at LT friends and ministry partners. They're hands down one of the best voices in student leadership.

This linked post from Doug's blog is short and sweet (the best kind). But the reason we wanted to pass it along is that Doug offers a really nice FREEBIE. He shares LeaderTreks' Leadership Style Assessment, a really nice tool to help you evaluate how you lead best.

We've included the post below, but you'll need to click on the link to Doug's Blog to access the free assessment.


Leadership: What To Do First, by Doug Franklin

Many of us in youth ministry want to grow as leaders. We have come to understand that if we are going to lead students, adult volunteers, parents and a church in an effective youth ministry then we are going to have to grow as leaders. By the way, itâs OK if youâre just coming to the realization that leadership is the key to growing our ministries. So what is the the first step to take if we want to grow as leaders? Youth workers, you need to understand how you lead best. Donât try and mimic other leaders, discover who you are and lead the way God has made you. You need to get to know yourself and what motivates your decision making.

Leadership assessments are a good way to do this. I like Strength Finders and some of the assessments that LeaderTreks offers. I also like the idea of getting around friends and asking them about your leadership and getting their take on how you lead best. You can also take this LeaderTreks assessment online for free . . .


Click here to head over to Doug's blog and access the free Leadership Style Assessment.


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