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Linked Post: Jesus And Small Groups

Linked Post: Jesus And Small Groups

At ym360, everything we do falls into one of four categories: Bible Study Resources, Training, Community, or Networking. For us, networking means highlighting great content, great people, and great ministries. When we find something valuable, we share it. This happens most frequently on our Flashback Friday posts. But it happens in other ways, as well.

One of the ways we focus on Networking is by linking to solid content we encounter on blogs or websites.

Justin Knowles is an awesome youth ministry thinker and practitioner. His blog, which you can access here, is a great source of youth youth ministry info. 

We loved this post Justin wrote today where he looks at the ways Jesus interacted with His followers and applies them to the way we do ministry. There are some great takeaways! We've copied an excerpt of the article below. Check it out, and then head over to Justin's blog to finish the rest. 

Jesus And Small Groups, by Justin Knowles

As a Christian we are to be Christ like. We are to mirror the image of Jesus and the ideas of how he did ministry. Jesus was a fan of small groups because with his small group of 12, it was the back bone of His ministry when he was not physically there anymore. Jesus loved the huge crowds, he hung out in them, preached to them, did miracles in them.

But he spent a majority of the time with his disciples  A group of 12 men. And even within the group, their was an inner group in which he would focus on. It’s just something that I noticed when reading. I’m not saying that every small group is like this but I look at mine, and I can see a very similar structure.

The Crowd: Jesus preached to the crowd. Spent some time with them as a whole. This is our youth groups. What ever night you meet would be your crowd. You love them, hang out with them and know them by name. As the leader you need to spend time with them. Large group is important. Jesus would spend time on a midweek or weekend main service. We need to do the same and go all out to reach non-believers.


Click here to read the rest of Justin's article.  

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