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Gift Your Graduates 🎓 Grad Packs are Now Available!
Linked Post: How to Survive Ministry Exhaustion

Linked Post: How to Survive Ministry Exhaustion

Aaron Buer writes a blog that we really enjoy visiting. We like the way he thinks about youth ministry and this post is no exception. Aaron writes about something most youth workers will experience at some point (or maybe many points) throughout their ministries: exhaustion.

It's a great read, one we hope you'll check out. Here's a short excerpt below, followed by a link to the original article. 

Tuesday night is my free evening.  My wife attends a bible study and after I put the kids to bed I can do whatever I want.  It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s a perfect opportunity to write, relax and recharge. But tonight, I’m eating Cool Whip right out of the tub and playing a video game that isn’t that great.  The Cool Whip isn’t even thawed.  I just pulled it out of the freezer and started eating it.  It tastes good, like a cloud of sugar–one of those big fluffy clouds that patrol the sky on hot summer days.

It strikes me, as I sit here, mindlessly eating frozen Cool Whip, that I am, in fact, eating frozen Cool Whip.  What am I doing?  Then I realize that my shoulder hurts because I’ve been sitting in an awkward position eating Cool Whip and playing a lame video game for hours.  Yes, I’m embarrassed to say, hours.  Why am I spending my free evening so mindlessly?  This is what strikes me as I sit with an aching shoulder and a developing stomach ache.  I’d like a redo on my Tuesday night.

I’m tired.  It’s April and our student ministry team has been steadily pouring ourselves out all year long.  It’s been leading, writing, filming, counseling, editing, teaching, leading worship, traveling, mentoring, trouble-shooting, serving, setting up, tearing down, staying up late, getting up early, navigating crises, training, calming down parents, prodding parents, meeting deadlines, reviewing, confronting, encouraging, intervening, worrying, producing, acting, and managing on repeat since late last summer.  I’m tired–very tired.  ith certain topics. They go through the curriculum provided by the ministry. They pray together.

CLICK HERE to head over to Aaron's blog and read the rest of the article.

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