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Linked Post: How To Put Out Fires In Youth Ministry

Linked Post: How To Put Out Fires In Youth Ministry

At ym360, everything we do falls into one of four categories: Bible Study Resources, Training, Community, or Networking. For us, networking means highlighting great content, great people, and great ministries. When we find something valuable, we share it. This happens most frequently on our Flashback Friday posts. But it happens in other ways, as well.

One of the ways we focus on Networking is by linking to solid content we encounter on blogs or websites.

Christopher Wesley is a great youth minister, a committed blogger, and a ym360 ContributorWe loved this post from Chris' blog today. He's always good about passing along practical, relevant advice. This post is no different.

Below we've posted an excerpt of Chris' post "How To Put Out Fires In Youth Ministry." Read the excerpt, then head over to Chris' blog to read the rest.

How To Put Out Fires In Youth Ministry, by Christopher Wesley

Almost burned the house down the other day.  It wasn’t like I was playing with matches, in fact, I was trying to cook a nice meal.  Unfortunately, I was a little careless with picking a suitable pan that would prevent oil from spilling in the oven.  Next thing I know I see smoke pouring out of the oven.  I tell my wife, “Get ready the fire alarm is about to go off.”  

She runs into the kitchen to find the fire extinguisher.  I open the oven door.  Flames devour the fresh oxygen.  Smoke fills the room and my son yells, “My eyes.  It’s dark.”.  My wife hands me the fire extinguisher, I pull the pin and spray.  Team effort, fire is out, dinner is ruined, we get in the car and enjoy a night out as a family.  Problem averted.

Putting out fires in your own house is scary because of the loss that might occur. To put out fire in your youth ministry can be just as deadly.  Fires in your youth ministry can be anything like a:

  • Angry parent over a decision you made.
  • Rumor spread throughout the ministry.
  • Teenager in trouble with the police..
  • Volunteer doing something inappropriate.

Whether you are in the midst of one at this minute or about to face one any day it’s important to know that a fire in your youth ministry will not only hurt people but put your entire church in jeopardy.

If you want to put out fires in your youth ministry you need to embrace the role of leader and:

Click here to head over to Chris' blog and read the rest of "How To Put Out Fires In Youth Ministry."


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