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Linked Post: End Of Summer Letter To Parents

Linked Post: End Of Summer Letter To Parents

Benjamin Kerns is a ym360 Blog Contributor and a good buddy of ours. He writes an excellent post on his (also excellent) blog, Average Youth Ministry.

It's an "End of Summer" letter to the parents of his students. It struck me not only as good content, but as a good idea for you to model, as well.

Below you'll find an excerpt of Ben's letter to the parents of his students. Head on over to his blog to read the full article, and maybe consider sending your own, if you don't already.


End Of Summer Letter To Parents
by Ben Kerns

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that summer is rapidly ending and just as fast the ramp up to school, sports, and other activities. If your family is anything like mine, then you probably feel pretty frazzled and wondering what happened to the summer. All of the intentional things we wanted to do as a family seemed to got lost in the shuffle of vacations, travel, and activities with friends. It seems that every season brings with it its own unique challenges as we try to grow in our love and trust of Jesus.

But thankfully with the change of seasons comes an other gracious opportunity for a fresh start, and many of us need another reboot. For our family we are already locking down some of the extra activities, rediscovering family dinners, and jumping back in to the community and life of the church.

As you begin to think about the transitions ahead for your child and all the intentional work you are about to do in the next two weeks to get them set up for a successful school year I wanted to leave you with a thought.


To read the rest of the post, CLICK HERE.


(This post was originally published last Summer.)

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