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Linked Post: Avoiding The Machine Of Youth Ministry

Linked Post: Avoiding The Machine Of Youth Ministry

Josh Robinson writes a great post on youth ministry burnout/exhaustion over at The Youth Ministry Blog. Here's an excerpt with a link to the original post at the bottom. 

If you are in ministry, you might at times feel tired.  I like to think of it as the machine of ministry.

The machine of ministry looks like this:

  • You are exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually most of the time.
  • You go through the motions of ministry work.
  • Your only concern is the attendance, and you’re not that excited about stories of life-change.
  • Worship is hard to get into because you “already know these songs.”
  • You compare yourself with other churches and leaders.
  • Your appearance gets more attention than your spiritual heart.

I’ve experienced these feeling at times in my own life.  

How do we avoid falling into a robot of ministry where we lose sight of the sensitivity of God’s Spirit?


To read the rest of the article and see what Josh suggests you do to avoid what he calls the "machine of youth ministry" CLICK HERE

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