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Linked Post: 6 Summer Must Do’s For Your Youth Ministry

Linked Post: 6 Summer Must Do’s For Your Youth Ministry

Christoher Wesley is a friend of ours who is a great youth minister and an occasional contributor to the ym360 Blog. 

Today on Chris' Blog, he writes a really practical post about how to make the most of your Summer as a youth worker.

Below is a portion of Chris's post with a link to the original article. Click on the link to head over to Chris' blog to read the rest of the article.

Between the camps, events and trainings summer can fly by for a youth minister.  That’s because summer is a break from the usual.  The tendency is to fill all the FREE TIME that’s been created.

But, it’s easy to fill it with the wrong things.  The activities and opportunities you must fill you summer schedule should help you grow.  Here are 6 MUST DO’s that I highly recommend:


Doesn’t matter if summer is busy or laid back.  You must take a vacation because of the grinding year that lays ahead.  Ideally you should block out about 10 days.  If you cannot get that much than settle for four.  

The first day (or two) is about unwinding, the rest is about enjoying.  You can go away or maybe just book a hotel in town.  A vacation is breaking away from the usual.  In the end you’ll feel refreshed.

CLICK HERE to head over to and read the rest of the 6 Summer Must Do's For Youth Ministry.

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