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Linked Post: 4 Roadblocks To Small Group Growth

Linked Post: 4 Roadblocks To Small Group Growth

Justin Knowles often blogs about small groups, and we love it when he does. This post from Justin, via the Download Youth Ministry Blog, is about a few different roadblocks to growing your small group. 

We thought Justin was right on and wanted to pass along his thoughts.

It's a great read, one we hope you'll check out. Here's a short excerpt below, followed by a link to the original article. 

As groups are winding down for the summer I’m just reflecting on how groups grow and how awesome it is to see some leaders just dominate their groups and they are growing in their faith. I love it. I had a conversation with a few leaders a couple weeks ago about things that keep groups from growing. Here are the top 4:

Focusing on knowledge. Wait what? Isn’t that what a small group Bible study is for? To learn? Yes, but what good is knowledge if there is no application in one’s life? Paul says, “Knowledge puffs up but love builds up”. How does a group love? One of the biggest ways for your group to grow is to serve with them. Watch them grow when they are getting out of the circle and into the community. In James it says not to just listen to God’s word but to go do what it says. Growing groups serve others.

Forget Jesus is there. Sounds pretty elementary right? A non-growing group does it’s own thing. Maybe there is only focus on fun rather than actually sitting down and going through a study. A growing group remember that when two or more gather in His name, He is present. They know Jesus has power and that through conversation is where student’s faith is stretched as they wrestle with certain topics. They go through the curriculum provided by the ministry. They pray together.

CLICK HERE to head over to Download Youth Ministry and read the rest of Justin's article.

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