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Linked Post: 4 Keys Starting Right In A New Youth Ministry

Linked Post: 4 Keys Starting Right In A New Youth Ministry

At ym360, everything we do falls into one of four categories: Bible Study Resources, Training, Community, or Networking. For us, networking means highlighting great content, great people, and great ministries. When we find something valuable, we share it. This happens most frequently on our Flashback Friday posts. But it happens in other ways, as well.

One of the ways we focus on Networking is by linking to solid content we encounter on blogs or websites.

We love the team of bloggers at YouthworkTalk. Kyle Daubenmeyer writes a great post at YouthworkTalk entitled "Starting Fresh: 4 Keys Starting Right In A New Youth Ministry." It's a solid read for anyone, whether you're just getting started or you're a youth ministry veteran. 

Below we've posted an excerpt of Kyle's post. Read the excerpt, then head over to YouthworkTalk to read the rest.

Starting Fresh: 4 Keys To Starting Right In A New Youth Ministry, by Kyle Daubenmeyer

I recently started a new full-time youth ministry gig about 6 months ago. For a while I was the shiny new toy at our church, and that was fine! But in reality, it can be difficult to start fresh at a new place, with all of the cultural learnings, expectations from leaders/students/parents, as well as different people pushing their own agenda. But here are some of things I learned in this transition, and maybe it can help you if you’re ever starting fresh somewhere.

1.    Humility is important: I think that anytime someone new is brought in, it can either inflate the ego of the “new guy” thinking they’re the Savior of the ministry, or it can cause people to be on their guard watching your every move, or both. I think its very important to maintain humility, and not to promise the world to anyone, especially yourself! If things start going right, don’t take all the credit. In fact, it may be time to get in the Word more, so that we don’t start to think its all by our own strengths!


Click here to read the rest of Kyle's article, 4 Keys To Starting Right In A New Youth Ministry.


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