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Launching youthministry360

Well . . . the big day is finally here. youthministry360 has officially launched. We are live with two new sites:

  • A fully functioning store offering our Bible Study Resources for the first time.
  • A "re-skinned" blog, keeping the same functionality (with some slight improvements) but offering an enhanced look and feel.

This day represents so much for us. We have been called by God to serve Him through youthministry360. We are driven by two real passions: To see teenagers grow closer to God through a deepening understanding and application of His Word . . . and, . . . To serve and equip youth workers in the local church. These two passions serve as our focus and you can trust us not to venture too far away from them. We are committed to providing a growing offering of excellent Bible Study resources and to continuing to support youth workers through the ym360 blog, Facebook, and training events.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us. We mean it when we say we desire to be a valuable resource for you. The ym360 community grows every day. But the most best part is that it's a self-training, self-equipping community. You, the youth worker, continue to pour into the lives of your fellow youth workers. It's a little part of what being the Church is all about. So, we're excited about what this day represents. We want you to be, as well. Take a look around the new home page. Download our product samples. Let us know what you think. Call or email. Let us hear from you. Our prayer and our passion is that teenagers know God more. You play a huge role in this. As such, we will do our best to serve and equip you. Thank you for the opportunity. Looking forward to a bright future alongside you . . . 

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