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Introducing "The Rescue," An Awesome 52-Week Curriculum from YM360

Introducing "The Rescue," An Awesome 52-Week Curriculum from YM360

We want to introduce to you, "The Rescue: Discovering How the Gospel Rescues and Redeems Us." The Rescue is a 52-week Bible study curriculum that offers teenagers a holistic view of the Gospel. It may very well be our strongest curriculum to date.

Don't you want your students to truly grasp the power of the Gospel? To know exactly what it is and how it changes their life? And what about how it changes the world through them? The Rescue does an awesome job of accomplishing this.


Put simply, the Gospel is God’s amazing Rescue Plan for sinful humanity. Through Jesus, God did what we are incapable of doing: rescuing ourselves from the devastating effects of sin. The good news of the Gospel is that through faith in Christ, we are rescued to a sweeping and far-reaching new reality.

"The Rescue: Discovering How the Gospel Rescues and Redeems Us" unpacks this new reality in a powerful way. The Rescue gives your students a comprehensive and transformative view of exactly what the Gospel is, how it radically changes their lives, and how their lives will in turn be used to change the world.

The Rescue gives your students a rich, in-depth view of the Gospel and its impact that many of them have never seen before. Using a unit-based approach, the Rescue takes your students on a journey where they will discover:

  • An in-depth look at the nature of God’s Rescue Plan (Unit 1: The Rescue Defined)
  • All of the ways the Gospel transforms who they are (Unit 2: The Gospel Rescuing Me)
  • What it looks like to share the good news of God’s Rescue (Unit 3: Sharing The Gospel With The Nations)
  • What it means to be a child of God and a citizen of His Kingdom (Unit 4: Rescued To A Kingdom (Sermon on the Mount))
  • How God’s Rescue Plan defines and restores discipleship (Unit 5: Rescued To Follow (Discipleship))
  • That living a life as one who has been rescued can be costly (Unit 6: The Gospel Is Costly)

Like all of our Bible studies, The Rescue comes with a host of resources to equip you to build a comprehensive teaching environment, such as:

  • Interactive Lesson Plans including Bible Background
  • Parent Pages
  • Out of Class Devotions
  • Teacher Prep Videos
  • Promotional Artwork and Slide Backgrounds

God’s plan to rescue us from the powers of sin to live a life of freedom and influence is the foundation of what it means to be a Christ-follower. Help ground your students in this truth by leading them through “The Rescue: Discovering How the Gospel Rescues and Redeems Us.”



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