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Gift Your Graduates πŸŽ“ Grad Packs are Now Available!
Gift Your Graduates πŸŽ“ Grad Packs are Now Available!
Introducing RELENTLESS, by Ed Newton, YM360's newest Event Resource

Introducing RELENTLESS, by Ed Newton, YM360's newest Event Resource

We're extremely excited to announce the release of our newest YM360 Event Resource, "RELENTLESS: Pursuing Christ At All Costs." This is an outstanding resource, perfect for your DNow or Retreat Weekend. You'll love how it challenges your students to live a relentless faith, one that doesn't shrink in the face of tough times.

One of the reasons we're so excited is that we get to partner with Ed Newton, the author of RELENTLESS.

Not only is Ed a good friend of YM360's, he's one of the leading Bible Communicators in the country. Ed shares YM360's passion for seeing teenagers be transformed by meeting God face-to-face in His Word. If your students spend a weekend walking through RELENTLESS, they will most definitely leave challenged by what they hear.
So what's RELENTLESS all about?

The theme verse for RELENTLESS is Acts 4:20: β€œFor we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Relentless is centered around the concept of living a bold, relentless faith in the midst of a world that is increasingly hostile to the things of God. RELENTLESS challenges students to pursue Jesus in a way where nothing else comes first.

Throughout the study, we make it clear that this kind of faith isn't easy. But the truth is that A) Jesus never said it would be, and B) few things truly worth having are. Our students' relationship with Christ is no different.
What's Included in the RELENTLESS study?

RELENTLESS comes with the amazing list of features you're used to in YM360's Event Resources line of Bible studies, features like:

  • 4 Small Group Lessons! Streamlined, easy-to-teach lessons delivered online to your teachers

  • 4 Large Group Outlines! Designed for your speaker β€” choose from simple or detailed β€” these help your large group sessions work perfectly with small groups

  • Large Group Media! Videos to kick off and wrap up your weekend, background loops, PowerPoint images, and more

  • Interactive Student Book! These awesome, full color Student Books are designed to help your small groups have maximum impact for your students

  • 4 Devotions! Included in our Student Books, these four devotions can be used during or after your Event weekend

  • Follow Up Journals! These 4-week devotional journals help your students continue growing long after the weekend

  • T-Shirts! Authentic. Themed Design. These shirts offer your group a sweet look for your weekend. We'll even customize them for you if you'd like!

Here's a short commercial that gives a great overview of RELENTLESS. Watch it, and if you have any questions afterward, don't hesitate to give us a call (888.969.6360), email us, or Live Chat us (link at top of our site).

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