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Introducing a NEW Christmas/Advent Devotion From YM360

Introducing a NEW Christmas/Advent Devotion From YM360

Just in time for Christmas/Advent, we've released a new Christmas/Advent devotional.

ReFocus is an awesome little book designed to help your students break through the familiarity of the Christmas narrative.

ReFocus, written by YM360 Co-Founder, Andy Blanks, will help students, well, re-focus on the amazing truths contained in the story of Jesus' birth. For many of our students, the Christmas story has the same general effect as someone telling the same story over and over again. Our students may not even know it, but they can tune out the miraculous nature of the Christmas story. Many of our students have heard the story so many times that they’ve lost their sense of awe and wonder. ReFocus is your chance to change this.

ReFocus is a 4-week devotional book perfect for Christmas and/or Advent.
To order copies for your group, or to sample the first week or so of ReFocus devotions, CLICK HERE.

And as always, if you have any questions, call us (888.969.6360) or LiveChat us (see link at the top of this site).
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