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Introducing the 365 Day Devotional Your Teenagers Will Actually Read

Introducing the 365 Day Devotional Your Teenagers Will Actually Read

When our friend Stephen Ingram approached us last year about writing a 365-day devotional book for teenagers, I was a bit skeptical. Why? Because I know that getting teenagers to spend daily time with God in His Word is a challenge. The problem with traditional 365-day devotions is that they inevitably set a teenager up for failure. 

What do I mean? Well, teenagers start on DAY 1 of this huge book. Success is measured in the march from DAY 1 to DAY 365. What happens when they miss a day? Do they pick back up with the day they missed? Do they skip that day and pick up with the one they're on today? What happens if they miss a week? The problem with traditional 365-day devotions is that the format of the books often serves as a reminder of our failure to keep up with our daily Bible reading.

And so I approached Stephen's pitch with skepticism. Until I actually HEARD the pitch. And then instead of skepticism, I was absolutely pumped. Because I realized Stephen had landed on an awesome framework for a 365-day devotional. 

Stephen has created a 365-day devotion book your teenagers will actually read. Let me explain . . . 

(Extra)Ordinary: 365 Moments Ordinary Moments With An Anything But Ordinary God is such an amazing book. You don’t start (Extra)Ordinary at the beginning and end at the end. There are three different sections, each as unique as your students are. Your students can choose where they want to pick up each day based on how they feel. See the difference? There is no "start at the beginning and go until the end."

(Extra)Ordinary meets your students where they are, and it does so utilizing the following sections:

  • Ordinary Times: Over 100 image-driven devotions perfect for everyday life
  • Crazy Times: 10-day, issue specific sections for when life gets crazy
  • Holiday Times: Special devotions for Lent, Advent/Christmas, even a teenager's Birthday 

Genius framework, right? And I haven’t even mentioned the content. These devotions are creative and relevant to your teenagers' lives. Plus, they’re also biblically solid. So your students will be face-to-face with God on a daily basis, in a way that makes it easy to come back again the next day.

Don't take my word for it. CLICK HERE to check out a sample of the book for yourself.

I promise you it will be as refreshing a book as you've encountered in a while. It's a powerfully creative way to get your students in God's Word on a daily basis, one they'll actually come back to again and again.



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