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Happy New Year from youthministry360!

Happy New Year from youthministry360!

2011 was an incredible year for us at youthministry360. And that's entirely a result of YOU, the men and women who make up the ym360 Community. It's been a real blessing to partner with you through our Bible Study Resources. We've loved interacting with you through social media and on the phone. And we had a blast getting to know you at the many youth ministry conferences we all attended. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for an incredible year! And, we look forward to an even brighter 2012. As always, if we can help you make 2012 better in any specific way, please give us a call or shoot us an email.

We'll be back Tuesday, January 2 with new, daily content!


From the entire ym360 Team, Happy New Year!


Here are 4 cool things that happened in 2011 around ym360!

ONE: We Developed Some Exciting Resources In 2011 As a young organization we had the chance to be a part of developing two incredible resources -- DNow Online and Live Curriculum: Books Of The Bible. Be sure to give these a look to learn all about how these may be able to support you this coming year. DNow Online can help with Disciple Now weekends and Retreats. Live: Books Of The Bible can help by giving you a solid small group option through 72 lessons of solid content.

TWO: We Joined Doug Fields In Launching The Youth Ministry Garage Since early 2006, Doug has been recording a youth ministry podcast/show that is hands down awesome. He and a few friends, Josh, Matt, and Katie, came back in 2011 after some transition to launch The Youth Ministry Garage. It's the same podcast, but now filmed in Doug's garage. Seriously. We teamed up with Doug and team to sponsor the show because we believe in what they are doing. And we give away some free stuff on every episode. See for yourself.

THREE: ym360 Resources Are Growing Many of you have used a ym360 Bible Study Resource this past year and we hope and pray it was fruitful for you, your leaders, and your students. Along with the 80 lessons of material we added through DNow Online and Live: Books Of The Bible, we added a new 4-lesson study (Live Different) and a new 6-lesson study (Focus) this year. In the Spring of 2012 we'll be releasing a new 6-lesson study on the Book Of Psalms and a training resource/book on Effective Tips For Teaching The Bible To Teenagers. Stay tuned for more resources and books that we're working on for the Summer and Fall of 2012! To see all our Bible Study Resources, CLICK HERE. Oh, and we offer free shipping anytime you call 888.969.6360 to place your order!

FOUR: The ym360 Blog Published Article #400 We have the privilege of publishing a daily youth ministry blog (which you're on right now) read by 1000's of youth workers. "Thousands" is significant because it represents incredible youth ministry community that is pouring back into each other. Learning from one another. Sharpening each other. Be sure you're checking in. It's daily. It's new. It's fresh. New content, every day. Written with the help of youth ministry experts who are in the trenches. See our Contributors here. Article Categories Include: Bible Stuff, Training, Trends/Culture, Networking, and Free Stuff.

We're Looking Forward To Partnering With You In 2012. Here Are A Few Ways How!

  • ym360 Bible Study Resources: We've got an exciting line-up of Bible Study Resources coming in 2012. Biblically solid, culturally relevant, and packed with tools to help lead students closer to Christ.
  • DNow Online: We've partnered with LeaderTreks to create a DNow/Retreat resource that we feel is pretty incredible. Awesome content delivered online, a Tools and Training library for you and your teachers, media, parent resources, online management of your teachers, AND MORE! Don't plan your 2012 DNow or Retreat Weekend without checking out DNow Online.
  • ym360 Social Media: Stay in the loop with what's going on with our twice-monthly newsletter (to sign up, CLICK HERE), join the thousands of other youth workers on the ym360 Facebook page ( CLICK HERE to check it out), or stay up to date on all that is going on in the world of youth ministry by following us on Twitter ( CLICK HERE to follow).
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