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A Great Freebie To Help Students Share Their Faith

A Great Freebie To Help Students Share Their Faith

Each of your students has a story of how they came to know Christ, how Christ changed their life, and how He’s currently using them to impact the world in His name. These stories are powerful tools in reaching others for Christ, and for helping build up the other teenagers in your youth ministry. But it can sometimes be hard for our students to tell their story in a meaningful, succinct way.

Our friend Chris Wesley, one of our long-time ym360 Contributors and prolific youth ministry blogger, developed a helpful guide for his students to help them know how to shape and share their stories. He's been kind enough to share this guide with the ym360 Community.

It's a really good resource for helping your students gain more confidence in organizing and communicating the story of how God has intersected with their lives.

If you want to download this freebie, simply CLICK HERE.

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