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Getting Serious with The Skit Guys about Evangelism

Getting Serious with The Skit Guys about Evangelism

What could be better than Tommy and Eddie of The Skit Guys with Greg Stier of Dare 2 Share in a room together? How about we add a live stream and a microphone?

Things are going to get serious... well, about as serious as they can get, in this hilarious and thought-provoking webinar about reaching teens with the gospel.

On May 8th, they'll take an hour to talk:

  • Evangelism, what the good and bad looks like and ways we could be doing it better.
  • Details on the upcoming Dare 2 Share LIVE ( national simulcast coming October 13, 2018 (featuring Greg Stier and the Skit Guys as well as other amazing speakers and artists).
  • Ideas and inspiration to reach the next generation with the gospel in your city and beyond.

This will be an incredible opportunity to gather your local youth leader network to hear more about the Dare 2 Share LIVE event and initiate some exciting discussions about reaching teens for Christ.

Save May 8th on your calendar and CLICK HERE to sign up for the free youth leader webinar!
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