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Flashback Friday (Sep 7): This Week's Links From The Youth Ministry Blogosphere

One of the things we are committed to at ym360 is Networking. Our vision for networking is connecting you to people and organizations doing awesome youth ministry.

Flashback Friday is a feature where we give you the run down of some of the awesome posts from the past week across youth ministry blogs. Consider it our way of keeping you connected with what is going on. 


This week's posts from the ym360 Blog

Posts From Other Awesome People

We search the Internet to bring you relevant information to help you be a better youth worker. Here are some links from posts we thought were pretty great.

Fav Read Of The Week:

  • Brian Berry, How To Keep A Conversation With A Teen. I love this post from Brian. I love the fresh approach to youth ministry. I love that he doesn't automatically do things like they've always been done and that he's willing to take chances in how he does ministry. Good stuff. 


The Rest Of The Best:

That's all the links for this week. As always, have an awesome weekend . . . And THANK YOU for the chance to serve you as part of the ym360 community.


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