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Gift Your Graduates 🎓 Grad Packs are Now Available!

Flashback Friday (Oct. 19): This Week's Links From The Youth Ministry Blogosphere

One of the things we are committed to at ym360 is Networking. Our vision for networking is connecting you to people and organizations doing awesome youth ministry.

Flashback Friday is a feature where we give you the run down of some of the awesome posts from the past week across youth ministry blogs. Consider it our way of keeping you connected with what is going on. 


This week's posts from the ym360 Blog


Posts From Other Awesome People

We search the Internet to bring you relevant information to help you be a better youth worker. Here are some links from posts we thought were pretty great.

Fav Read Of The Week:

  • First World Youth Ministry Problems, by Benjer McVeigh. I laughed when I saw this, first of all because it's a phrase you'll hear often around the ym360 office. We'll inevitably be griping about something that's gone wrong when we'll either check ourselves or someone else will check us with the retort, "First-world Problem." I like how Benjer has applied it to youth ministry. I laughed because the "problems" are common to all youth ministry, and at the same time, they aren't really problems at all. 


The Rest Of The Best:

Aaron Crumbey, Youth Worker: 6 Steps To Connecting With Students

Austin McCann, My Top 3 Favorite Sites to Get Youth Ministry Games

Chris Wesley, Create A Simple Yet Effective Ministry

Doug Franklin, Teaching The Intangibles

Jason Vernon, 5 Ways to Show Appreciation To Your Senior Leadership Team

Josh Evans, Top 10 Student Ministry Organizations you should follow on Twitter

Kara Powell (and others), Volume 8, Issue 21 - FYI E-Journal

Matt McKee, Favorite Ministry Apps

Phil Bell, How to Recover from a Bad Day in Youth Ministry 


That's all the links for this week. As always, have an awesome weekend . . . And THANK YOU for the chance to serve you as part of the ym360 community.


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