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Gift Your Graduates 🎓 Grad Packs are Now Available!
Check Out Our Newest Bible Study, "Jesus And Tough Times" (and a FREE Lesson)

Check Out Our Newest Bible Study, "Jesus And Tough Times" (and a FREE Lesson)

We've just released a new 4-lesson Bible study entitled "Jesus And Tough Times," the latest release from our Jesus Studies line of Bible study curriculum. It's an awesome look at what Jesus had to say about the tough times we all go through. It's a really cool study that we pray your students will get a ton out of.

Jesus And Tough Times is loaded with great features to help you craft an awesome Bible study experience both during and after your group meetings. 

Here's a list of some of the features that come with "Jesus And Tough Times":

  • 4 Interactive Leader’s Guides complete with Bible Background
  • 12 out-of-class student devotionals
  • Parent Pages for at-home discipleship
  • PowerPoint backgrounds and Promo Art
  • Teacher Prep Videos to help you prepare
  • Social Media Suggestions for before and after your meetings
Jesus and Tough Times will help you teach your students that when they experience tough times, they should express their emotions to God in real, honest ways; that faith in Jesus and His ability to lead them through trials is what will get them through tough times; that Jesus stands ready to offer comfort to them in the midst of their tough times; and that when Jesus ultimately delivers them from tough times, their response should be thankfulness and praise. 

The best part? You can sample a FREE Lesson from the study, as well as get a look at all the components. Simply CLICK HERE to go to the free lesson page.

As always, let us know if you have any questions about Jesus And Tough Times or The Jesus Studies, or about any other one of our Bible study resources. Call us (888.969.6360) or email ( We're happy to help!

As you engage in the faithful teaching of The Bible, we guarantee:
///  Deep, transformative Bible study lessons that are accurate and true
///  Easy-to-teach lessons for teachers
///  Creative and relevant lessons for teens
///  Unparallelled support for you as a valued customer

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