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Arrival Has Arrived

Arrival Has Arrived

Arrival: 25 days of devotions for Christmas & Advent

Check out this video with Terrance, Lee, and Lindsey as they are working hard to ship out copies of Arrival. Have you ordered your students copies yet? They are almost sold out.


The arrival of Jesus on earth is one of the most crucial moments in history. Creation held its collective breath, and plans that had been set into motion thousands of years prior came to fruition to bring God’s Son to the world.

In Arrival, author Kevin Leigh Johnson walks your students through the moments and characters of the Advent season. As they prepare their hearts, they will more deeply engage with scripture, they will be encouraged to meditate on truth, and they will be equipped to share the true meaning of Christmas with those around them.

Whether your students celebrate Advent, or will simply read this book as a Christmas devotional experience, ARRIVAL will usher them into a month-long focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

CLICK HERE to learn about Arrival.
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