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An Amazing FREEBIE From Our Friends At "Stuff You Can Use"

An Amazing FREEBIE From Our Friends At "Stuff You Can Use"

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At ym360 everything we do falls under one of these four categories:

  • Bible Study Resources
  • Training
  • Community, and
  • Networking

When we say "networking," what we mean is shining a spotlight on other ministers or ministries doing awesome stuff. We don't believe in competitors. We believe in ministry partners. We love sharing great resources, whether ours or not!

And today we are sharing some freebies that are so good, I'm still surprised they are free! (I'm serious. This stuff is amazing.)

This freebie is from the fine folks at "Stuff You Can Use" who specialize in providing free (and editable!) resources for Volunteer Training, Partnering with Parents, Small Groups, and Games & Events. Every post includes one free downloadable resource and an interview with the creator of that resource. Stuff You Can Useexists to help the Body of Christ share the very best of their ideas, tools, and resources, for free (which is pretty cool).

Here's how the folks at "Stuff You Can Use" describe what's available in this FREEBIE:

  • A complete 1-YEAR SCHEDULE and STRATEGY for training and equipping Small Group Leaders.
  • An editable version of their VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK (includes vision, philosophy, strategy, expectations, code of conduct, safety/boundaries with students, a 1-year commitment, and more).
  • A sample of their most recent VOLUNTEER E-MAIL NEWSLETTER.
  • An EVENT GUIDE for a Small Group Leader Meeting or Retreat (includes a how-to, schedule, detailed notes, the editable handouts they created and utilized, and a recap of actual conversations they had with their Small Group Leaders).
  • An EVENT GUIDE for a Small Group Leader Coffee Talk (includes a how-to, schedule, editable flyer, and a recap of the actual conversations from one of their recent Coffee Talks).

(SEE! I told you this was an awesome Freebie!)

How do you get this great collection of FREE resources? Simple. Click on the image below and you'll be taken to

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