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6 Things That Happen When a Group Shares Its Faith

6 Things That Happen When a Group Shares Its Faith

What happens when a youth group begins to focus on relational evangelism? Some pretty amazing things!

6 things that happen when a youth group shares its faith:

Students Go Deeper

Risk taking helps teenagers learn deeper and faster. Your teenagers will master what they believe because they need to articulate it to their peers.


Worship Gets Richer

Sharing the gospel and seeing students come to Christ super-charges the atmosphere like nothing else. Praise gets real.


Things Get Messy

Yes, your teens reaching out to the bad, broken and bullied at school can bring “those kids” into your youth group. Embrace it! It should create some Jesus-inspired awkward teaching moments.


Meetings Have a Mission

Instead of a just holy huddle, your youth group meetings can be outwardly focused, filled with students sharing stories and being inspired for their mission outside of the 4 walls of the church building.


Prayer is Strengthened

Evangelism triggers fear. Fear triggers prayer. Prayer triggers dependence on Jesus. And dependence accelerates spiritual growth.


You Become the Coach

Your students have 100 x’s more influence with their peers than you do. Allowing them to take the lead empowers them for the work God has created them to do.

Dare 2 Share LIVE

Dare 2 Share LIVE on September 23rd is the perfect way to kick start evangelism in your youth group -

  • train and inspire your students to share their faith

  • unleash them that day for some real life evangelistic risk in an outreach experience

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