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5 Reasons You Should Join Us For The CLEAR Conference in Orlando

5 Reasons You Should Join Us For The CLEAR Conference in Orlando

In late 2015, YM360 partnered with Ed Newton to collaborate on a really cool training experience called the CLEAR Conference. (You can read the original announcement here.) CLEAR is a really unique gathering of people who are passionate about being better Bible communicators.

In December on 2015 we gathered in Memphis for the first CLEAR we would partner with Ed on. It was a remarkable time. 50 folks gathered for a content-packed 24 hours. We heard from Ed, Chad Poe, Mac Cockrell, Wade Morris, J. Roger Davis, and yours truly. (There was also a legendary session from Ray Dill, a guy who may truly be the most interesting man in the world.) It was an awesome time of training and coaching.

As we get ready for the next CLEAR Conference in Orlando, I wanted to quickly share the five things I enjoy most about CLEAR.

1. It’s A Focused Time of Training

CLEAR is about helping people be better preachers and teachers of God’s Word. While we covered the subject from several different angles, it was focused on preaching/teaching. It allows for a lot of great content to be covered in a short amount of time.
2. It’s HIGHLY Relational

It’s cool to be able to just hang out with the speakers and communicators who lead CLEAR. The voices who lead the event have a tremendous amount of experience. Getting to spend time in un-hurried conversation with these folks is a huge bonus. Plus, the entire event is built around relationally unpacking the concepts with the other ministers in the room. Relationship is in the DNA of CLEAR.
3. There’s an unexpected level of accountability that emerges

One of the cool things about CLEAR is that lasting relationships are often forged. Not only are there moments of built in accountability that organically happen, there is a lot of coaching that happens long after the conference is over. It’s one of the things that makes CLEAR different from other training experiences.
4. There’s a ton of encouragement

There just is, both from the stage and from the other individuals in the room. Ministry can beat you down. Part of CLEAR is about lifting you back up. I left Memphis feeling renewed and recharged. I feel like most everyone else did as well.
5. It’s community of like-minded individuals

The people in the room represent quite a few different denominations and perspectives. But everyone is like-minded in their desire to see God transform the next generations through His Word. It’s a powerful thing.

We’d love it if you joined us in Orlando for CLEAR.

To register, or for more information, please CLICK HERE.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email, call us, or hit us up on Live Chat.

See you in Orlando.
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