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5 Mistakes You've Been Making During COVID-19

5 Mistakes You've Been Making During COVID-19

We are in uncharted territory, and for a lot of us, we’ve found ourselves scrambling. We are scrambling to find child-care, scrambling to pull together a live-stream, scrambling to find resources for our students. All this scrambling is necessary, because there is no way that we could have prepared for this rocking of worlds that all seemingly spiraled from a few cancellations, and now is a country-wide shutdown.


However, scrambling also provides a certain allowance for mistakes to sneak in. If you scramble in anything, in your haste, you are likely to make mistakes. Regardless of if they are big or small, they are still mistakes, and they must be improved to better reach our students. If we continue to make some of these mistakes, then we could find ourselves discouraged and questioning why we’re not having a sustained impact on our students’ lives.


Although these mistakes come out of real desire to serve our students, there are five mistakes, in particular, that have stuck out to us and some of the YM360 team as we’ve been in close contact with many youth pastors during the COVID-19 crisis. We wanted to share these “5 mistakes that you’ve likely been making during the COVID-19 crisis” with you today because you’ve likely either made them or come close to making them. If you can cut out these five simple mistakes (that might not even feel like mistakes), you’ll be well on your way to reaching your students and making the most of the upside-down world we’ve found ourselves in today.

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