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3 Steps to Help You with Youth Group at Home

3 Steps to Help You with Youth Group at Home

You know the pain of students missing out because they "Didn't know the stream was happening."

In the video above, I'll give you 3 steps to solve that problem for Youth Group at Home!

If you aren't using Youth Group at Home, this week is a GREAT time to start. It's easy to use Youth Group at Home in your ministry. You are as overloaded now as you've probably ever been. While the world around us has stopped, we know that Youth Ministry Doesn't Stop. Invest relationally with your students and let Youth Group at Home serve as a catalyst for you to continue growing with your students. 

Ready to Get Started with Step 1?

If You Are on a Desktop Computer, Click This Button! 


If You Are on a Mobile Phone, You can download each individual image below! 

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