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[Youth Camp Resources] Redefined Leader Pack

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The Redefined Leader Pack will ensure your leaders are not forgotten! This bundle contains 1 Redefined Camp Notebook, a Custom designed T-Shirt, 1 Woven Bracelet, and a Redefined Sticker, all at special bundle pricing.

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Redefined Camp Notebook

The Redefined Camp Notebook is a hand-in-hand necessary component of your Redefined event. Designed as an interactive tool, it is a companion for each of the small group lessons. It contains space for large group session notes. And, it contains personal devotions to use during and after your Redefined event. 

Put a copy of the Redefined Student Book in the hands of your leaders to ensure they are fully prepared!

Custom Redefined T-Shirt

We'll design you a custom Redefined T-Shirt to help complete your event preparation. We'll walk you through all the design work, step-by-step, and you'll get the exact shirt you want for your big event.

Reduce your stress for your upcoming event by letting us help design you a custom Redefined T-Shirt!

Redefined Woven Bracelet

These themed woven bracelets will be a favorite with your leaders and will be a reminder of their event experience for days to come. Material: Elastic, 2-sided polyester stretchy band.

Redefined Theme Sticker

Your leaders will slap these themed stickers on their favorite spot as they reflect on their event experience. Size: 3"x3".


Redefined Student Book

Redefined Student Book

Download a sample of the Redefined Student Book.

Download Sample (PDF)
Redefined Follow-Up Journal

Redefined Follow-Up Journal

Download a sample of the Redefined Follow-Up Journal.

Download Sample (PDF)