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Warrior: Putting On The Whole Armor of God


WARRIOR: a four-session sermon series that will help your students better understand and be prepared for the spiritual battle that rages all around us. Students will learn that, as followers of Jesus, we are all warriors in a daily high stakes spiritual battle, but we can have confidence because Jesus has already won the war. In addition, they’ll learn to understand and utilize the different pieces of spiritual armor God has gifted us to fight this battle so that we can experience victory in Jesus.

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Welcome to the battlefield! Even though we may not realize or even understand it, as we wake up every morning, go to school, participate in activities, hang out with our friends, and live our daily lives, there is a spiritual battle raging all around us. While none of us can see spiritual warfare with our eyes, this spiritual battle is very real, and the stakes are incredibly high. As followers of Jesus, we are a part of this battle every single day, but most don’t realize it, much less prepare for it. To be warriors, we must recognize this battle we are in, learn to put on our spiritual armor, and be ready to wield our one offensive weapon so that we can stand firm in our faith and overcome the enemy.

  • Session Overview
  • What's Included

    • Any large group setting
    • Mid-week youth service
    • "Master teacher” format 


    • Session 1 - The battle (Ephesians 6:10-13) | We are at war! While none can see the battle raging around us with our physical eyes, spiritual warfare is very real, and the stakes are incredibly high. As followers of Jesus, we are part of this battle every single day, but most of us don’t even realize it, much less prepare for it. The Bible says that we are to be warriors in this spiritual battle, confident that Jesus has already won the war. As followers of Jesus, God has not left us helpless, hopeless, defenseless, or defeated. He’s gifted us with armor and weaponry to experience victory in Jesus! 
    • Session 2  - The Belt and the Breastplate (Ephesians 6:14) | In physical battles, warriors must shield their vital organs from blows that would otherwise be fatal. In our daily spiritual battles, we must protect ourselves from the enemy’s attacks by putting on the Belt of Truth and the Breastplate of Righteousness. This means recognizing God as the source of all truth, wrapping ourselves in the truth of Scripture daily, and knowing that our identity and righteousness come from Christ alone. 
    • Session 3 - The Shoes and the Shield (Ephesians 6:15-16) | As warriors in a daily spiritual battle, putting on the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace and taking up the Shield of Faith not only keeps us grounded by giving us a firm footing, but it helps us advance in the battle and in sharing the Gospel. 
    • Session 4 - The Helmet and the Sword (Ephesians 6:17) | Warriors in battle must protect their heads and often go on offense. In our daily spiritual battles, we must focus on Jesus and trust in Him. He is our Helmet of Salvation. We must also know God’s Word, our Sword of Truth and greatest weapon.

  • Detailed Sermon Outlines 

    Every Sermon Series comes with detailed sermon outlines. Teach them "as is" or adapt them to suit your specific ministry context. 

    Discussion questions 

    Questions are designed to foster conversations, help students think critically about the teaching, and wrestle with how these Biblical truths impact their complicated and ever-changing lives. You can use these discussion questions to facilitate small groups after your large group teaching or even create handouts for students to work through the message as you go.

    Title and Background slides 

    These are designed to be dropped into your favorite presentation software to help you build a creative environment around your sermon. Use them as a backdrop for song lyrics, Scripture passages, teaching points, and any illustrations you choose to display.

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    Social media images, web banners, and a printable poster file are included. Perfect for newsletters, websites, social media platforms, or print them off for posters and bulletin inserts.

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    We include a logo file and the native design files to allow you to use the logo in ways you see fit. 

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Overview and Sample Sermon

Overview and Sample Sermon

Download a full overview of Warrior and sample the first sermon in the series.

Download Sample (PDF)