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All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy
All Aboard The YM360 Plus Bus | A 52-week Youth Ministry Strategy

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[Video Training] Student Discipleship: Different Settings Require Different Preparation


As a youth pastor, not only are you responsible for preparing/preaching weekly sermons for your students in a large group setting, but you’re also tasked with equipping your leaders to teach the Bible in a weekly small group/discipleship setting. Each of these settings is unique and come with their own issues to navigate. Each of these settings has significant value. Each of these settings requires a youth ministry leader to think and prepare differently. In this two-session Masterclass video, Matthew will share some of the different needs that students have when they are sitting in a large group environment versus a small group environment. In session one, Matthew will explore the uniqueness of preaching in a large group setting and some tips that may help you in your leadership and preparation. In session two, Matthew will delve into the nuance in preparation, student needs, and leadership that comes with teaching/leading others to teach in a small group environment.

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    Matthew Weaver went to NOBTS and serves on the pastoral team at Vintage Church in Metairie, LA. He is also a High School Bible Teacher at John Curtis Christian School in River Ridge, LA. In addition to pastoral ministry and teaching, he loves to encourage people through writing. Matthew also writes for Lifeway, on his blog page, and has published a devotional called Refocus, that can be found on Amazon. More than anything, Matthew loves Jesus, his wife and his son. His hobbies include drinking good coffee, running, playing golf, fishing and being outdoors. You can follow Matthew on his blog page: and also connect on social media: Instagram- @m_weav Facebook- @WeaverMattr


    Session 1 - 28:32
    Session 2 - 28:56


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