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[Video Training] Shifting Your Ministry To A Culture Of Belonging & Ownership


When students actively participate in the church, they find a sense of belonging and ownership. They become part of a community that supports and encourages them, fostering lifelong connections and friendships. By integrating students into the fabric of your church and community, you'll create an environment where they feel valued, heard, and empowered to make a difference.

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    Charlie has been working with students for over 22 years in both education and ministry settings. She taught middle school for six years before answering a call into ministry. Since 2004, she has been serving in the local United Methodist Church. During her time in ministry, Charlie has coached adult volunteers to consistently lead small groups of middle school teens, organized large middle school ministry worship experiences, and lead an on-campus ministry program at her local middle school. Charlie's extensive experience with students and families, along with her Advanced Coaching Certification, gives her a unique approach to ministry. Charlie grew up in rural Illinois but has been living in metro Atlanta, GA, for the past 19 years. She and her husband, Eric, have two grown daughters who occasionally stop by to shop for food in the pantry or do laundry. Charlie has never passed a dog that she didn’t want to pet, and her most favorite thing in the world is a Swedish Fish. But only the OG red ones. You can connect with Charlie through social media on Twitter or Instagram (@charlieconder), on Facebook (@charlie.conder.3), through email, and on her website




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